Weekly Wrap Up – 170122

Posted in Blog Weekly Wrap Up , January 22nd, 2017
The Weekly Wrap Up is where we review what went on this week at Winnipeg’s best training gym, Shinobi Fitness.

30 Day Challenge
Coach Suavek has put out the challenge and this month we are working on abs. How is everyone doing in this challenge so far? Those flutter kicks were a bit spicy. I’ve been able to do them without stopping but each day feels harder than the previous. If you are having difficulty with them, just remember you can break all movements into manageable reps. I know I’ll start breaking them up soon. Keep up the good work!





Social Media Corner

This is where we recap the the picture or video that got the most views, likes, or comments of the week. Squat warmup was this week’s most liked photo.

Squat, squat, squat! #downtownwpg #shinobifitness #fitness #gym #squats

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Shinobi Performance of the Week

Chris has been red hot lately. Last weekend, having just finished the Frostfit 2017 competition, where he competed in 4 events in 2 days and tied his max snatch, he was hungry for more.
This week, Chris hit a personal best with 200 pounds on the snatch. This was a power snatch too. Watch out for Chris this year as he competes in upcoming events.


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