The respect and knowledge of Rich was impressive. An extremely friendly, hard working, honest man, doing what he loves. It was inspiring.

Josh “Chachi”Marunde Drummer, PopEvil


I have been a member of Shinobi Fitness since day one. We are very fortunate that we have coaches who are very professional, motivate and lead by example. They will push us when we need that extra push but making it fun at the same time. Even the clients at Shinobi cheer you on to do better at your lifts or finishing a hard workout. It’s a fantastic place to train.

Dee, Shinobi OG

From the minute my boyfriend and I left our first session we were both excited to see what Shinobi Fitness could do for us. Since starting about 10 months ago both of us have seen change in our bodies and an overwhelming increase in our physical strength. There are positive mental benefits as well. I was feeling bored with my conventional gym routine and was looking for a new challenge.I especially appreciate the knowledge, and close support from both trainers and value their feedback immensely. I also like the fact that I don’t know what the workout will be until right before we do it. It’s the element of surprise, rather than dread, which makes Shinobi Fitness a good fit for me.

I have also found that, we have created a little family. We have fun, support each other, and get in a great workout at the same time.

Joanne Florence Marie Patenaude – aka Mojo

“The coaching staff and fitness programing at Shinobi are fantastic. Training there has improved all aspects of my fitness.”


I must admit I was slightly scared to try Shinobi Fitness. It has an intimidation factor for some reason to me – not sure if it was perception of the people or the seemingly hardcore fitness factor, but I was scared. I tried an introductory course lead by owner Rich Thomas, which consisted of a group of eight women and two men, ranging in all ages, sizes and fitness levels. If you want to get in great shape, this will do it. Tons of squats which I love, and a workout that has a fitness-centered approach – strength, conditioning, speed, core. And without a doubt, I must say that owner Rich is perhaps one of the best trainers I have ever worked with in the gym. He really knows what he is talking about! He not only tells you what and how to do the moves but why. I have been doing squats for over 30 years and he gave me hints to make them better and in turn, cause less stress on my joints and increase my strength. Thirty years of working out and one hour with Rich made a difference.

Andrea Katz – FIT Communications