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    Rich Thomas

    FounderHead Coach


    CrossFit Level 1

    CrossFit Gymnastics

    CrossFit Mobility

    Agatsu Kettlebell

    First Aid

    Coach & Team Trainer Bisons FC Soccer Club – Premiere Division

    • Pursuit of OPT CCP

    Growing up the youngest of four boys there was always an imminent fight for survival in the household. Whether it was a fight for the last cinnamon bun or a ninja fight to the death, my competitive nature had been born. I grew up playing basketball, football, running track and playing competitive soccer. At a later age I started to coach competitive soccer and got a taste of what I was meant to do. Lead.

    Harvey Woo



    CrossFit Level 1

    CrossFit Gymnastics

    CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

    Agatsu Kettlebell

    Varbanov Olympic Weightlifting

    First Aid / CPR

    Ever since I was a teenager I was interested in learning and applying the latest principles of fitness and nutrition. However, it wasn’t until I stumbled upon Crossfit that I discovered something I was deeply passionate about.

    My first Crossfit workout was humbling, but it fueled me to put in long hours to learn and train the movements so I could better myself. Now, I not only train Crossfit for general health and fitness, but I train to compete in Crossfit as a sport as well.

    As a coach, I feel great joy seeing someone complete a workout they never thought they could complete. It is rewarding for me to push my athletes past their perceived limits and for them to use that newly developed physical and mental strength in their regular life as well.





    CrossFit Level 1

    I grew up in Poland in a family surrounded by professional athletes. My mom played pro basketball, my dad was a pro soccer player and my uncle played division one volleyball. In a country and on a continent dominated by soccer I followed my dad’s footsteps. Started playing at age of 5 but unfortunately due to health related issues had to stop at 14.

    My dream of pursuing pro sports was over and although I kept on playing pick up games and tried staying fit I couldn’t find anything that would fuel me like soccer once did. That was not until 16 years later when I stumbled across this thing called crossfit. From the day I step into a Box I felt once again inspired. I finally found something that gave me back not only what I lost and was missing but also something new: Community.

    Recently I discovered another aspect I feel strongly passionate about and that is coaching. Its an incredible feeling being able to be a part of ones journey to a better version of themselves and I intend to do my best in helping people get there.