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Posted in Blog Weekly Wrap Up , October 23rd, 2016
The Weekly Wrap Up is where we review what went on this week at Winnipeg’s best training gym, Shinobi Fitness.

Lean and Mean Nutrition Challenge
The Shinobi Challenge, aka the Lean and Mean Nutrition Challenge started on October 3 and will run for 3 months. We want it to be a slower, more gradual process so that these healthy habits can be used your entire life.


Team Update
Last week I listed some nutrient rich superfoods that you should think about incorporating into your meals. This week I want to you to consider the macronutrient component of food. Food can be categorized into either protein, carbohydrate, or fat.

Proteins examples are red meat, chicken, fish, or eggs. Vegetarian examples of food with high protein are lentils, quinoa, or blackbeans, but note that these foods are primarily carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates examples are vegetables, fruit, and starches such as rice and potatoes.

Fat examples are nuts, seeds and oils.

It is important to eat food in each of these categories in every meal. As you make better choices, we can refine the amounts and percentages of food in each category. If your breakfast is a couple of eggs with coffee, you would be lacking carbohydrates in that meal.

Personal Update
Eating was on track but with a lower body injury and feeling under the weather, my workout volume and intensity suffered this week. Hoping to get back on the workouts next week.




Social Media Corner

This is where we recap the the picture or video that got the most views, likes, or comments of the week. Dave on the rope garnered the most likes this week.

Dave on the rope #exercise #winnipeg #fitness #ropeclimb #shinobifitness

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JD accomplished her goal of a sub 2 hour half marathon this past Sunday in the WFPS half marathon!
Ashley completed her very first full marathon in PEI this past weekend!
We are proud of these two in their accomplishments this week. They have been training hard all year and we are pleased to see them achieve their goals.

JD and Ashley

JD and Ashley