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Posted in Blog Weekly Wrap Up , July 10th, 2016
The Weekly Wrap Up is where we review what went on this week at Winnipeg’s best training gym, Shinobi Fitness.

The most difficult exercise for me this week was Wednesday’s “1 1/4 Front Squats 5×3 @ 70%”.  Some of you might be surprised that I didn’t pick one of the conditioning parts as the hardest.  There are a few reasons for that.  First off, front squats are my weakest movement.  I’ve always had problems getting the weight up from the bottom.  I think its a combination of front rack mobility and weak quads. Secondly, during conditioning workouts, if it gets difficult, I can slow down.  During a 3 rep front squat, there is no where to hide.

I loaded the bar with 170 pounds and each set was a struggle.  I wanted to quit after every set but I knew I had to work on my weakness for the full 5 sets.  The feeling of not giving up was well worth the short moment of difficulty.

Front Squat Struggle

Front Squat Struggle



Social Media Corner

This is where we recap the the picture or video that got the most views, likes, or comments of the week. “The Ladies of Shinobi Showing Their Strength” was this week’s hit. We have a beautiful group of ladies who value their health and are tough as nails in a workout.


Shinobi Performance of the Week

Jorden is a single mother who works multiple jobs and still has time for fitness. She values the importance of health and fitness and is a great role model for her teenage daughter.  With her busy schedule, Jorden is all business at the gym.  Often she’ll come in, knock off an intense workout and while everyone else is still sitting down recovering, she’ll be out the door already.

Even with a bad knee, she doesn’t quit during a workout.  Sometimes we will modify a movement for her but that doesn’t stop her ferocious intensity.

Coach’s Comment – “Jorden is one of the most focused members at Shinobi.  She doesn’t quit” -Coach Harvey


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