Tuesday Feb.23, 2016

Posted in Workout of The Day , February 22nd, 2016
Not this type of ice cream maker

Not this type of ice cream maker

Skill of the Week – Ice Cream Makers

It is not what you think.  You don’t need to go to the store for this one folks.  This is great for practicing the false grip and developing a strong core.  It can be scaled with a band if needed.

Two variations I want to show:

Standard version

Muscle Up Version


A) Bulgarian Split Squats 6-8 reps @ 31×1 (3 sets)

B) Hang P. Cleans from blocks (Heavy Single)prairie CF competition

C) Workout 15.3

AMRAP 14 minutes of:

7 muscle-ups

50 wall-ball shots

100 double-unders