Thursday Dec.1,2016

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Warmup WOD (As per coach)

Deadlift 3×10 ALT Box Jumps


3x TnG Power Snatch @60% +


For Time

10 !

Push Jerk / Bar Facing Burpees

Mobility class

Mobility class

Saturday Oct.1,2016

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Turkish Getup    3-2-1

Banded KBS  3 x 60/60

Deadlift. As per coach


100m run

15 push press

15 pull-ups 

15 box jumps. 

Thursday Sept.1, 2016

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Dbl KB Front Squats 4×4 @32×1

ALT  Push Press 4×4

Power Clean x 2 + Jerk x5

For Time:

15 Front Squat (135/95)

20 pull-ups

Run 200m

15 pull-ups

20 Front Squats

30 hollow rocks




CrossFit For The Community

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Harvey and Rich at the inaugural CrossFit for the Community event

Harvey and Rich at the inaugural CrossFit For the Community event in 2014

Our friends at Sublime Strength & Conditioning are having a fundraiser event this Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

They are raising funds to help a local inner city youth hockey program.  You can read more about these kids here

Teams of 4 (2 men and 2 women) will do a few workouts, get sweaty, and have some fun.  The events are posted here

After being on the same team in the first Crossfit For the Community event in 2014, Rich and Harvey will be on opposing teams this year.  Shinobi members participating are Rich, Matt, Chapstick, JD, Chris, Harvey, Suavek, and Ashley.  Come out and show your support.  Shinobi heat times are at 9:30, 11:36, 12:40, and 2:00.

The event will be located at 1980 Main Street on Saturday, April 23 from 9am to 4pm.


Coach vs Coach. The competition is on













Tuesday June 30, 2015

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Yay burpees!

Yay burpees!

A) Toe Drags x3

B) 2 Thruster+ Split Jerk
Heavy Single

C) 12 min AMRAP
35 Pullups
35 Push Ups (HR)
35 Air Squats

Monday June 29, 2015

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Kyle 6am run

Kyle 6am run

A) KB Rack Carry
2 laps (Switch Arms) x 3

B1) Bulgarian Split Squat      3x 5
B2) KB DL                 3x 8
B3) Hollow Rock     3×10

C) 15 Min AMRAP
2 MU

Saturday June 27, 2015

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Spartan Saturday

9am Workout

Free Drop In

Friday June 26, 2015

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A) Snatch Balance

B) Power Snatch (3 Sec Pause)
Heavy 2

C) “Eva’s Little Sister”
400m Run
30 KBS
15 Pullups

Thursday June 25, 2015

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3 Power Snatch

B) 1 1/4 Front Squat
Heavy Single

C) 7 RFT
3 Paralettes
6 Box Jumps

Tuesday June 23, 2015

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A) Knee Jumps (10min)
Pistol Work (10mins)

B) 1 1/4 Back Squat
Heavy 3

C) For Time
Push Jerk
Box Jumps