The Power Of Sleep

Posted in NUTRITION , November 27th, 2017

If your eating and exercise are on point, but you still don’t feel or look the way you want, poor sleep may be to blame.

Here are 3 signs that YOUR SLEEP HABITS Aren’t working for you:

  1. Your Mind Is Foggy: What we experience and learn gets cemented to memory while we sleep. Interference with this process causes: – reduced alertness and concentration , confusion, impaired judgment, forgetfulness
  2. You Are Struggling With Your Weight: Poor sleep is linked to excess body fat, as it can: disrupt appetite regulation, cause you to feel hungrier, lead to increased calorie intake ( also excess body fat can reduce sleep quality)
  3. You Are Getting Sick A Lot: When we don’t sleep enough, T-cells go down and inflammation goes up, resulting in: increased vulnerability to viruses and bacteria, acute increase in risk of getting sick, increased risk of hear disease and other inflammation-related illnesses

TIPS To Improve Sleep Habits:

  • Limit fluids before bed time
  • Stick to a reasonable bedtime routine
  • Sleep at least 7 Hours
  • Turn off electronics 30min before bed time
  • De-stress ( stretch or meditate)
  • Take a bath or shower
  • Set your room to an appropriate temperature – its better to sleep when its cooler ( around 67F)
  • Make the room as dark as possible


Now, go get some sleep !