Food is LIFE

Posted in Blog NUTRITION , September 1st, 2017

What is Food? Well, its sounds like a silly thing to ask because most will say its the stuff we eat that fuels our body. However food is soo much more than that and I think people often forget that outside of the  things like micronutrients : vitamins and minerals , phytohemicals, zoochemical and some other molecules Food is LIFE

What I mean by that is that our bodies aren’t just some dumb machines that process food for energy. Food deserves a lot more recognition and with todays DIET society and obsession about our looks we loose site of what really matters.

So let me quickly remind you what FOOD IS:

  1. Food tells a story –  it tells everyone where we were raised, our history, culture, traditions, things like breaking bread around the dining table etc.
  2. Food helps us communicate with each other – its part of our social gatherings, its the social hub for families,
  3. Food helps us communicate to the world about ourselves – I’m a vegetarian, I’m a “foodie” , I don’t eat processed food etc

So next time you think about food in categories of Good and Bad, if you should have that piece of someones birthday cake stop for a second and remind yourself that Food is LIFE.

Food from coach Suavek's recent trip to Europe

Food from coach Suavek’s recent trip to Europe

Coach Suavek