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Posted in Blog Weekly Wrap Up , July 24th, 2016
The Weekly Wrap Up is where we review what went on this week at Winnipeg’s best training gym, Shinobi Fitness.

Last Sunday, Suavek, Chris, and I participated in the Spartan Race Sprint which is a 5km course with obstacles.  Last year I ran in a group but this year I wanted to run it as fast as I could.  Since this was my second race, I knew that having people in front creating a bottleneck would slow down my time.  Thus, we got to our starting line nice and early and we were the first racers in our heat at the front of the line.  Being a veteran at this, I refused to waste my energy by participating in the chants the announcer tried get us hyped up with.

Suavek and Chris ran off to a faster pace at the start than I was comfortable with and I chose to pace it since this would take at least half an hour.  This would lead to my downfall as I was expecting them to slow down similar to other workouts I’ve done with them in the past.  I was able to catch Chris around the 10 min mark and kept Suavek in my line of sight for the first third of the race.  Suavek pushed the run portion and didn’t let up the pace.

I only failed one obstacle and that was the spear throw.  This was also the only obstacle I failed last year as well.  Failing an obstacles means a thirty burpee penalty and this time I knew I had to throw the spear as hard as I could to hit the haystack target.  However, this time I didn’t realize I was stepping on the rope that the spear was attached to. Although I gave it a hard throw, the rope got caught around my leg and caused the spear to not have enough distance to make it to the target.

Most of the obstacles were really easy including the monkey bars, tire flips, stone carry, and climbing.  I thought the hardest obstacle was the one where we had to grab a gymnastic ring and swing to a rope and then swing to a bar and shimmy ourselves over and repeat going onto a ring, rope and bar again and then ring the bell.  All this while hanging and we couldn’t allow our feet to touch the floor.  What really made this obstacle difficult was that the objects were really far apart from each other and you had to keep momentum and swing yourself to each object.  I barely hit the bell to clear the obstacle.

Being a strong runner was key to this race.  There was so much running that even if a strong runner failed obstacles and had to do burpees, he would still be in the lead.  Suavek finished the fastest even though he failed 2 ostacles and had to do 60 burpees.  I was in the middle and failed once.  Chris was in the rear even though he didn’t fail any obstacles and didn’t have to do any burpees.

Results – Spartan Sprint Open Division:
Name                      Time          Overall
Slawomir Litwin    44:51         17
Harvey Woo           46:53         27
Chris Krahn            47:25         29

-Coach Harvey


Social Media Corner

This is where we recap the the picture or video that got the most views, likes, or comments of the week. “The Life of @Coachninja” went viral. It became our most liked picture in Shinobi Instagram history with over 350 likes!

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Coach Spotlight


This week the spotlight is on our newest coach, Suavek.  He has a thirst for knowledge and is constantly trying to improve his skills. His unique warm up drills bring a fresh take on getting warmed up and has been enjoyed by our members.

This month alone he has had personal records in his snatch, clean, and back squat.

Suavek will be improving his knowledge of the olympic lifts as he is taking the Crossfit Weightlifting course this weekend in Boulder Colorado.

You can read more about Suavek on our coaches page.