Weekly Wrap Up – 290516

Posted in Blog , May 29th, 2016

This week I want to talk about accountability.  Many times I will see athletes not hitting their wall ball target and counting it as a rep.  As a coach, it doesn’t matter if you can’t hit the highest target with the heaviest ball.  What matters is that you pick a target and weight that is challenging for you and you stick with it for the workout.  Coaches shouldn’t have to no rep athletes when they are training.  If I see you miss a rep, I expect you to not count it.  Sometimes I will see athletes not even touching the wall on the last rep of a wall ball and trying to move onto the next movement.  Well that makes it easy for me to see you clearly aren’t setting a standard for yourself to follow.  If you want to see results, the first step is to make yourself accountable for your actions.  Be accountable in the gym.  Be accountable in life.



Social Media Corner

This is where we recap the the picture or video that got the most views, likes, or comments of the week. Team sit-ups won this week.

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Shinobi Performance of the Week

We had quite a few great performances this week, but we want to recognize Floyd’s 305 pound back squat on Wednesday morning as the Shinobi Performance of the Week.  He had no problem with 295 and jumped an extra 10 pounds on his last lift. He made this one look easy.  We had to stop him from adding more weight as we ran out of time.  Congrats Floyd for joining the 300 club!




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